tcpdump problems

Trenton D. Adams (
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:44:57 -0700

I noticed that on one network that I tried TCPDUMP on, it didn't work the
way I expected!

I went

"tcpdump -i eth0 -x -n -l src ipaddress and dst ipaddress"

Why would it not display all data going from src to dst? When I set the src
or dst to my own ip, it works fine! Anything coming from the other machine,
or going to it (depending on which is src or dst) is shown by tcpdump!

The default gateway on both machines is exactly the same!

Oh, I just realized! src and dst are for nets, not hosts. I will try src
host, and dst host tomorrow! If you don't think this will affect the
outcome, then what is wrong?

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