Re: tcpdump problems

Miquel van Smoorenburg (
16 Dec 1999 11:57:09 GMT

In article <cistron.000001bf4791$1119d980$0200a8c0@trentona>,
Trenton D. Adams <> wrote:
>"tcpdump -i eth0 -x -n -l src ipaddress and dst ipaddress"
>Why would it not display all data going from src to dst? When I set the src
>or dst to my own ip, it works fine! Anything coming from the other machine,
>or going to it (depending on which is src or dst) is shown by tcpdump!

Well how do you connect to the network, through a switch or a hub ?
If it's a switch, you will never see packets that are not destined
for your machine .. Some switches allow you to change one port to "snoop"
mode, but your switch must support that and you must have administrator
level access to the switch to change the setting ofcourse.


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