RE: fetchmail/virtual-pop3
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 16:56:15 MET

>From: "Markus Schlieter" <>
>To: <>
>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:35:29 +0100

>We have a pop3-account on provider-side with all mails for =
>and linux should copy frequently all mails to the local =
>We have 5 defined user but about 10 email-names. linux should now put =
>all mails in the right local-account. i.e. emails for =
>to and, emails for to =
>, emails for to and so =
>If there is an email to linux should put it in accout =
> and send back a defined auto-answer.
>Is fetchmail the right program to do this?

I suppose it is. Surely you can map external email-names to
local ones, I am not sure about ability to send one mail to
many recipients (the "group" - maybe just defining processing
of some external email-name many times would do it), for the
auto-answer: fetchmail can be configured to invoke a script
(or program) when a mail arrives - yet again: can it process
one mail in many ways, i.e. by a script which sends answer
and be put in "boss" account? can some external email-names
be processed by a scripts, different for each name, and the
other just stored in mailboxes? I simply don't remember it,
but in worst case you can write separate config file for
every external email-name and invoke fetchmail 10 times...

>How can I configure this?

Seems it has some config file like .fetchmail.rc in user's
home directory, and it is default, a parameter can change it.
I remember I managed to write it properly after few hours.

(I do not know how to answer other your questions)

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