Re: A question of Security

Lucas (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:24:26 +0100

> If you are building a web server you need at minimum to have firewalling on it,
> some kind of encrypted login (forget telnet across the internet backbones
> people _do_ sniff packets off most major ISP's and will steal your password).
> You probably also want to get some kind of monitoring tools for spotting
> potential intrusions and unusual traffic patterns

Iīd like yo use it, but I need a telnet-ssh app. to access from my
windows, and as you know, thereīs no much free softm for windows. And a
lot of companies have proxy/firewall to access Internet and donīt allow
to use port #22.

Yes I can use a telnet account for a hosting-company, but they can
sniff what I write.

> You can get all of these for all Unix systems, and for a typical business web
> server if you get the firewalling/encrypted access right 99.9% of your risk
> will be badly written cgi scripts, including stuff people have paid for

Be sure...

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