Re: A question of Security

Jamie Lokier (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 20:03:40 +0100

Alan Cox wrote:
> I would suggest you figure out what the cost of replacing your system
> is after someone sniffs the password and covers your website in
> porn. You can spend too much on security, but not spending a small
> amount on an ssh client (and there are windows ssh clients that are
> free) or using telnet because you picked a bad hosting company
> suddenely look very very silly.

Alan's right. Attacks are frequent. I've never been hacked to my
knowledge but every time I've had a box on the public net it develops a
large log of attacks, several per day from around the world.

And that's from obscure boxes that aren't serving anything. A website,
any website, is a prime target.

Unfortunately my experience trying to get a free ssh client working in
Windows (or a server) never worked. Unlike the unix ones, "install,
use" just didn't work. Ah well. Use a Linux client :-)

-- Jamie
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