RE: Problem using minicom to connect to ISP
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 17:09:04 MET

>Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 14:41:23 -0600
>From: Neil Aggarwal <>
>To: Linux net <>

>I am trying to use minicom to connect a dial-up
>I connect and then it presents me with a login.
>I enter my login and password and it says that the login failed.

First of all, need check if you entered proper
login and password. Maybe you entered login for
e-mail access and it is different from the login
for PPP access, which need to be used. This error
is IMO most likely and it is system-independent.
Also, incorrect typing of password, upper/lower-
case difference in password or login name, etc.
(but I suppose you double-checked it)

Next, there is a little chance of CR-LF problem:
when you hit Enter, minicom sends CR, or LF, or
both, and the ISP requires something different.
I don't know a case that such a problem occurs.

Or maybe your login was disabled? or not ready yet?

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