Re: A question of Security

Glynn Clements (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 21:50:45 +0100 (GMT--1:00)

Lucas wrote:

> > If you are building a web server you need at minimum to have firewalling on it,
> > some kind of encrypted login (forget telnet across the internet backbones
> > people _do_ sniff packets off most major ISP's and will steal your password).
> > You probably also want to get some kind of monitoring tools for spotting
> > potential intrusions and unusual traffic patterns
> Iīd like yo use it, but I need a telnet-ssh app. to access from my
> windows,

No you don't. Buying another box and running Linux on it IS an option
(but not the only one).

> and as you know, thereīs no much free softm for windows.

Whether the software is zero cost is probably THE least significant
issue here. If you can't afford security, you can't afford your own
web server, period.

> And a lot of companies have proxy/firewall to access Internet and
> donīt allow to use port #22.

So don't use port 22, then. From the sshd(8) manpage:

> -p port
> Specifies the port on which the server listens for
> connections (default 22).

If, OTOH, you can't use anything other than HTTP, then you're largely
stuffed (although you might be able to find something that tunnels
over HTTP/SSL).

> Yes I can use a telnet account for a hosting-company, but they can
> sniff what I write.

Can't you just get your own Internet account? That way the traffic
would be encrypted before it leaves your own PC.

Glynn Clements <>

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