Linux to 3Com LAN Modem issue

John LeMay (
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 18:56:14 -0500

This is a bit odd and it has me a bit confused. I've recently implemented a
3com 56K LAN Modem at home and my Linux machine (Mandrake 6.1) seems to be
having a problem with the DNS implementation. Ethereal tells me (shortened
to save space):

logan UDP Source: 1025 Dest: 5456
logan LANmodem DNS Standard query PTR
LANmodem logan DNS Standard query response PTR logan

All machine names actually display with the fqd as they should. I am not
running named or bind or any other DNS server other than the implementation
on the LAN modem. This series of packets occurs every 1.5 seconds
CONSTANTLY. A quick look at ifconfig on the Linux machine shows my ip
address is correct, my snm is, and my bcast is

No other machines on the net (three others - one NT4 and two Win98) have
this problem. I also do not recall seeing this with my 3com ISDN LAN modem
(which I used until I moved to where ISDN is not available!). All machines
use DHCP to obtain ip addresses, routes, etc.

I attempted to fix the issue by changing the snm on the LAN modem to
ff.ff.ff.0, the way it was with the ISDN version, however this did not seem
to help.

Does anyone have any idea what may be happening here?
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