EtherExpress 16 media connector

David C. Eilering (
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 06:07:37 -0600


I am using Redhat Linux 5.2 (Kernel 2.0.36) on a PC with an Intel
EtherExpress 16 network adapter (not a Pro or 100 model). The system
is not dual boot and it's primary purpose will be as a Samba server
(for my three Win 98 workstations). When I installed Linux, the
EtherExpress card was set to use the BNC (10Base2) connector and I was
able to install and setup the Samba server completely. Everything
tested fine and I was able to log into the Samba server from each
workstation through this BNC connector. I have experienced the
headache of a broken connection on a 10Base2 network and decided it
was time to get a hub and setup my network using 10BaseT (especially
since all of my network adapters are the same EtherExpress card - with
multiple media connectors). I booted the Linux server with a DOS
diskette that had the EtherExpress configuration utility (SOFTSET).
The EtherExpress adapter accepted the change and I tested the
connection by setting the card up as a network responder (part of the
diagnostic utility of SOFTSET). The hub shows the expected activity on
the port (so, I know the RJ45 port and cable are working). When I boot
Linux, the boot message shows that the EtherExpress adapter is
initializing and using the 10BaseT connector. However, the system is
still using the 10Base2 connector (I can't ping any of my other
workstations unless the coax is connected to the EtherExress card).

I searched the internet and found the eexpress.c source code for the
driver. However don't see anything in the source code that allows me
to specify the media type connector when installing the eexpress
module. Is there a configuration file that I need to change? I
discovered the ifport command but, it appears to be for PCMCIA cards.
Just for kicks, I issued the ifport command and it shows my eth0 is
setup for 10Base2. When I try to change that setting (with "./ifport
eth0 10baseT"), I get the error "ioctl: Operation not supported". Any
suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Thank you in advance....


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