Re: A question of Security

Jose Luis Saraiva Hime (
Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:55:58 -0200

At 10:14 16/12/99 -0800, Steve Shah wrote:
>Third mistake: Leaving unnecessary services on. Do a quick
>netstat -an on your box -- what ports are you listening to? Are
>you listening to port 111? Do you need to have portmapper
>running? Do you need to offer NFS or NIS services? On most
>internet services, this is a firm NO. If you don't need it, turn
>it off.

I looked at /etc/services and.. oh, my God! Witch services can I turn off?
I just want www, pop-3 and sendmail services, but I am afraid of turning
off some services and compromise something I do not know...

Do you have some sites or white papers talking specifically about that?

By the way, are all (important) logs in /var/log ?

Thanks in advance,
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