3ver in 1-box

om prakash (om_major@hotmail.com)
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 05:44:33 GMT


dear sirs,

Hi , i am using RH6.0 ker-2.2.5 , i want to use other versions so i
manipulated lilo.conf and all versions are booting ok. But problems is
new versions (2.2.10 and 2.2.9) are not ping to either lo or to own box.

while booting first time (new versions) it asked for modules.def so
i copied from /lib/module/2.2.5-15/module.dep to

and then showed version conflict in
/boot/system.map -->system.map.2.2.5-15 so i removed softlink(rm system.map)
its working.

Now while booting new versions it shows message as follows:

DELAYING ETH0 INTIALISATION....<------------------------------

if i ping it shows

BUT for old 2.2.5-15(redhat's) its working fine so what may be problem
(note: kernel config for all versions are same)i dont know.

so please reply me anybody who knows (gurus) about this type of probles.

According to me Problems may be due to
1) /boot/system.map
2) /lib/modules/version/module.dep
3) ......
i don't know how create new system.map and module.dep so please help me
and why newversions not detecting the eth0 or lo


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