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On Mon, 20 Dec 1999, om prakash wrote:

> To,
> dear sirs,
> Hi , i am using RH6.0 ker-2.2.5 , i want to use other versions so i
> manipulated lilo.conf and all versions are booting ok. But problems is
> new versions (2.2.10 and 2.2.9) are not ping to either lo or to own box.

where did you get these new versions from? compiled them yourself? or... ?

> while booting first time (new versions) it asked for modules.def so
> i copied from /lib/module/2.2.5-15/module.dep to
> /lib/modules/2.2.10/module.dep

depmod -a creates modules.dep in /lib/modules/<version>/
its normal use is to include the line '/sbin/depmod -a' in one of the rc

> and then showed version conflict in
> /boot/ --> so i removed softlink(rm
> its working.

AFAIK the file is used by klogd to resolve kernel numeric
addresses to their symbolic forms, and that's all... so generally you
don't need this file except for oops tracing. if a kernel is compiled in
/usr/src/linux, the system map will be found in /usr/src/linux/

> Now while booting new versions it shows message as follows:
> DELAYING ETH0 INTIALISATION....<------------------------------
> if i ping it shows
> BUT for old 2.2.5-15(redhat's) its working fine so what may be problem
> (note: kernel config for all versions are same)i dont know.

what is your NIC? its driver compiled into the kernel or as module?
output of ifconfig? output of cat /etc/conf.modules (or modules.conf)?

> from
> ome
> (

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