Re: Need help with NIS

Aanderas Schindler (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 15:58:09 +0100 schrieb:
> "Andreas G. Schindler" <> wrote:
> >I need to set up NIS with following constraints:
> > - The Linux box works as a NIS client against a Compaq Tru64
> > UNIX Server
> > - All accounts found in the local authorization files
> > (passwd, group shadow etc.) should be taken from there.
> > - All the rest should be obtained via NIS
> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> Could you specify this a bit ?
> If you don't need password information etc. you are likely not to need
> NIS at all. If you just want home directories to be in one server, just set
> it up with nfs exports and use automount on the clients.

No, no -- i don't need NFS

To explain the above:
In my local authorization databases (passwd, group, shadow) there is
only one 'real' user: root and a couple of 'pseudo users' like
bin lp daemon etc. All the other REAL users, say Bill, Bob, etc.
need to be imported via NIS. The problem is, when i activate the
yp-client it seems to be necessary to have the machine connected
to the yp-server EVEN if i try to login as root (which is defined
in the LOCAL databases). This is what's really bothering me. I want
to have a SAFE way to login via the console even if the network is
down and yp doesn't work.

Now, the prize-question is: How do i have to configure all the
stuff in NIS and nsswitch.conf to give the local authorization
preference over NIS.

Any sugestions ?

Thanks a lot, Andreas


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