Re: Problem with Digital NIC on RHL6.0

Steve Shah (
Mon, 20 Dec 1999 11:23:11 -0500

I have had issues with the 'tulip' card as well in a digital box with an on
board nic. I ended up disabling the onbaord card and put in a 3c905.
Couldnt get the tulip to play nice with any distro. (tried mandrake,
redhat, and debian, with 2.2.x kernels all same result, saw the card but
couldn;t load the module, got device or resource busy message, probably a
pci issue?????) But 3com cards never fail! (hope i didnt jinx meself!)

- Derek

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Hi all,

I have a newly installed Intel Box with a 'Digital DS21142 Tulip' NIC.
As per the redhat site, this is supported.
But the network doesnt come up although the card is detected fine.
I even tried giving the IO address explicitly (taken from /proc/pci); no

Have anybody else used the same card?
Is the problem specific to 6.0 and does it work in other versions?
We had a crash here and are installing a new server, and we have this

I heard that 6.0 is buggy.
And that 6.1 too.
Pls share your experiences.

My experience was very good with 5.1/5.2 and have around a dozen stable
servers running. So, would like feedback on newer versions before moving


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