Re: A question of Security
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 22:23:14 MET

> Date: Fri, 17 Dec 1999 11:55:58 -0200
>I looked at /etc/services and.. oh, my God! Witch services can I turn off?
>I just want www, pop-3 and sendmail services, but I am afraid of turning
>off some services and compromise something I do not know...

Let me add my $0.02 and clarify some things.

You need services to be enabled to:
- make your WWW pages accessible from outside (port 80?)
- receive mail sent from outside to your SMTP server (port 25)
- allow users to access their mail from outside (POP3, port 110)

If your host is to work as client to external WWW/SMTP/POP3
service, you may need IDENT service (port 143) which may be
required by these services to verify user authentication
(IDENT allows an external host to ask about any connection
with it and get user id name of the user who made it).

> By the way, are all (important) logs in /var/log ?

I suppose either in /var/log or in subdirectory of it.

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