[LRP] Redhat 6.1 routed problem

Peter John Hartman (hartman@kuntrynet.com)
Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:15:42 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone;

I have a network of linux machines running RedHat 6.1 and routed.
Here is an outlay of the network:
(hopefully wrapping won't confuse too much)

NETWORK A -> eth0 -> LINUX ROUTER A -> eth1 -> wireless -> eth1 -> LINUX ROUTER MAIN -> eth0 -> NETWORK MAIN

I have about 11 Machines (LINUX ROUTERS A-K) which connect to LINUX ROUTER
MAIN in the same manner. Running routed on these machines works perfectly.
The Networks all just want to speak to a single machine ( -- an
as/400) and the as/400 wants to speak to various printers in each network
(example: PRINTER A Each NETWORK has its own B class network
(NETWORK A is, NETWORK B is, NETWORK C is, etc) can ping and can ping

The wireless is all bridged (all LINUX ROUTERs eth1 go into a massive

However, wireless is flaky. I'm looking to set up a backup modem system at
each Network when the wireless goes down.

I have a script running in cron every minute on LINUX ROUTER A that simply
pings, if it is missing, it will bring up ppp0 into LINUX ROUTER
MAIN. LINUX ROUTER MAIN then assigns it (LINUX ROUTER B gets, C, etc) as its IP.

In LINUX ROUTER A's ip-up.local I have the following:
route add -net netmask dev ppp0
route del -host
route add default gw dev eth1

(I don't think I need all these as routed should handle this for me).

People on NETWORK A can ping just fine. Cannot ping when connected via ppp0.

I bring ppp0 down (and plug in the wireless wire) and it works fine. As soon
as I unplug the wireless and bring up ppp0, can't ping

Any ideas? Suggestions? I've been racking my head over this one for days.

More information?


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