Re: Need help with network modules

Keith Owens (
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 13:08:33 +1100

"Andreas G. Schindler" <> wrote:
>can anybody tell me where to look for the cause of this:
>modprobe -v <module> irq= io= dma=
>Blah Balah Blah correct card detected...
>init_module: device or resource busy
>insmod ... failed

Read the documentation on the module you are loading, start in the
linux/Documentation directory. If that does not help, read the
NET-3-HOWTO and possibly Ethernet-HOWTO. If you understand kernel
code, read the source of the module, you might find it has debugging
options or you can add your own debugging code. Finally try the author
of the module. And give details, without knowing the module name, the
kernel version, the parameters, the exact error messages, which version
of modutils you are using, which compiler you used (see
linux/scripts/ver_linux) people cannot help you.

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