FTP between Linux boxes slow one way

Matthew Vanecek (mev0003@unt.edu)
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 17:22:24 -0600

I have two Linux boxes--a work station and a router. They are both
using kernel 2.2.12 on a still-recognizable-as-RH 6.0 base. The work
station has none of the IP forwarding/masquing/etc configured, but it
does have devfs. The router is a basic kernel, with very little
compiled in besides the networking and IP forwarding/masqing stuff
compiled in. I'm using ipchains on the router, with eth0 (the outside
NIC) being the only NIC with any input/output rules attached to it.
eth1 is not mentioned at all in my firewall script (eth1 goes to the hub
of my internal net).

ftp from router to workstation is very slow. It starts OK, then
dwindles and finally stalls. Going the other way works fine. I've
tried with both the standard ftp client and with ncftp, so I'm pretty
sure that it's not the program I use. samba and NFS work great and get
good speeds, so I'm pretty sure it's not a hardware issue.

I believe that it is a problem with the router, but I'm not sure what,
or how to track it down. ftp from my NT box to my Linux work station
works just fine. But it always stalls when ftping from my Linux router
to my Linux work station.

Any ideas what could be wrong or what to look for?

Matthew Vanecek
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