Squid Question

Sergio A. Carvalho (XSeRgIo@brasirc.net)
Thu, 23 Dec 1999 20:57:39 -0200

Hi List,

I'm running on trouble...

I was using microsoft proxy-cache server on my network,and now i'm using
squid(thanks squid for existing)...but i have a little problem...on
microsoft proxy i used a kind of forward,for example:

the dns infocult.com.br was on my proxy machine,and all requests to
http://www.infocult.com.br are forwarded to a machine on my internal
network,that has a ip address...

and i need to do this on squid,but i don't know how...is it really possible?

an external ip address being redirected to an internal network ip address?

Waiting for info
Best Regards

Sergio De Azevedo Carvalho
XSeRgIo @ IRC | ICQ #: 5819283
RAnet IRCAdmin - BrasIRC NetWorK
ranet.brasirc.net | www.brasirc.net

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