Re: [patch] ioremap + check_mem_region for 8390 drivers

Alan Cox (
Tue, 28 Dec 1999 21:53:01 +0000 (GMT)

> Yes, there are now-obsolete cards that are reconfigurable. The only current
> production Ethernet card that has reconfigurable IRQs (in an obvious way
> e.g. non-ISA-PnP) is the 3c509 driver.

And we still support them. So we still need the intefaces

> The dev->dma parameter is a good example of something that should be
> removed. Only a few drivers use it, and one (znet.c) need *two* DMA
> channels. It think the only current production chip that uses it is the
> ISA-bus-master PCnet/ISA+,

Drivers using it:

3c505, 3c515, hp100, lance, ltpc, ni5010, ni65, sdla_chdlc, sdla_fr,
sdla_ppp, sdla_x25, sktr, znet.

So we can't go randomly changing it pre 2.4. Its too much work to fix and test
all those drivers yet again.

> and ISA bus masters will no longer legal with PCI
> v2.0+.

PCI 2.0 doesn't make ISA bus masters illegal. In fact its irrelevant because
your ISA bus interfaces don't even have to overlay your PCI space. Thats just
a cheap PC compatibility hack.

> My point is that that since ISA memory values are now mapped, the memory
> bases should no longer be "official" slots in struct net_device. And if we
> are cleaning them up, we should clean up dev->dma as well.

The physical memory bases are still being used and exposed via ioctl interfaces.
This is a post 2.4 thing. A lot of drivers haven't even caught up with 2.3.x
changes yet. Now is too late to go and redesign the wheel.


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