Networking Problem

Daniel Zeaiter (
Wed, 29 Dec 1999 12:29:14 +1100

I am having trouble getting my network going.

I have two computers connected to a network, both with 10\100 ethernet
cards (one's a PCMCIA in a laptop, the other is a PCI, on a desktop).
The laptop is running Win98 and the desktop is running RH Linux 6.1
(Kernel 2.2.12).

When I try to ping either machine, from either box, it either tells me
"Host Unreachable" or "Operation Timed Out". However I have noticed,
whenever I try to ping, the TX packet errors for the eth0 interface on
the linux box go up , and up.

Also, when I run a tcpdump, I get this message. ("matthew" is the
hostname for the Win98 box, "daniel" for the Linux box, and "zeaiter" is
the domain):

12:16:10.167.102 > arp who-has matthew.zeaiter tell daniel.zeaiter

Just in case it matters, it's not a 10Base2 network, but a 10BaseT
network. And because there are only two computers in the network, I'm
connect the network cards directly (with just one cable), without a hub.

Thanks in advance!


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