Multiple Web Servers on a private LAN accessible from the internet?

Tony Oger (
29 Dec 1999 10:32:43 +0100

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Hi everybody,

I run a Linux box as router connected to internet (Modem Cable)
My ISP gave me only 1 routable IP.
On the linux router, i have 2 ether cards
eth0 : (the default gateway to the internet)
eth1 : (connected to a LAN Network via a hub)

I would like to install several apache http servers on different Linux client
box that are on my LAN Network.
Server1 on Client_box1, Server2 on Client_box2...
Those box client have private IP 192.168.0.x
How could i do (with only 1 real IP) forward all connections that arrived from
internet on my linux router to the specified
Serverx on Client_boxx ?
More over , i would like to run all those Web Servers on the same port 80.
(Else, i could do port forwarding.;but that s not what we are searching)
Is there a way to get in the IP Packet the url that is asked ( for example and forward it to the httpd Server1
hosted on the Client_box1 whose IP is ?)

Thanks in advance for your help


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