[PATCH] 32-bit UID support for 2.3.36

From: Chris Wing (wingc@engin.umich.edu)
Date: Thu Jan 06 2000 - 00:58:01 EST

Hi. I have a new version of the 32-bit UID support patches for Linux

The patches are available at:


Changes in this version:
        - updated to Linux 2.3.36

        - fix ext2 interoperability problem with old kernels:

          ext2 recycles deleted inodes without clearing out unused fields.
          This results in corrupted uids/gids when interchanging an ext2
          filesystem between a 32-bit UID kernel and an unpatched kernel.

        - back out recent change to Alpha shm, since this is fixed in new
          32-bit UID SysVIPC changes

        - glibc 2.1 patch now included with full backwards compatibility

It is tested and working on the i386 architecture.

Brief description of the patches:


                Architecture independent changes necessary for 32-bit
                UIDs, including compatibility wrappers for old 16-bit UID
                system calls.


                Support for 32-bit UIDs in SysVipc: message queues,
                semaphores, and shared memory.
                Also fixes the ABI breakage on Alpha.


                Support for 32-bit UIDs in the ext2 filesystem, according
                to the HURD disk layout.


                Various patches to other filesystems to enable 32-bit
                UIDs where possible, and fix up potential problems with
                16-bit UID filesystems otherwise.


                Small patch to support 32-bit UIDs in the system
                accounting file.


                Architecture specific patches to enable 32-bit UID support
                via new system calls, and define the new SysVipc API.

                Patch against glibc 2.1 to enable use of 32-bit UIDs
                without recompiling old applications; works against 32-bit
                UID kernel or standard kernel.


Chris Wing

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