wireless statistics

From: Jaekwon Oh (jaekwon@comet.columbia.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 07 2000 - 14:47:47 EST


My kernel is linux-2.2.12
I'm now using 'WaveLAN turbo PC card(bronze)'
and the archived driver for this wireless PC card is

And now I'm trying to get wavelan card statistics.
I need this information to make handoff decision.

As I know, there is 'struct iw_statistics' at <linux/wireless.h> that
holds the information useful for handoff decision: 'struct iw_quality'.
I thnink I can use this parameter to decide handoff by measuring the
singal strength from the base station.

But, I don't know how I can access this information, 'struct
iw_statistics' for the wireless device.
As far as I foud in the driver source "wavelan2_cs.c", this statistics
are offered only to proc file by using 'wvlan2_wireless_stats' function
that is the 'dev->get_wireless_stats' function for this device.

But, how can access this statistics..
I cannot find any ioctl commands to copy the statistics to user space.

Moreover, there's another problem.
To campare the signal strength, I should be able to know the source mac
address of the packet from which the signal strength is derived.
But, as I know, there's no structure to do this..

Is there anyone who has similar experience or idea about this?

As I know, in BSD, I could get this information needed for 'handoff
decision' by 'SIOCGWAVELAN' and 'struct wi_sigcache'.

Thank you for your time and I always really appreciate your help.

Best regards,

Jaekwon Oh

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