Re: mmap/mlock performance versus read

From: Linus Torvalds (
Date: Wed Apr 05 2000 - 15:18:19 EST

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Paul Barton-Davis <pbd@Op.Net> wrote:
>I was very disheartened to find that on my system the mmap/mlock
>approach took *3 TIMES* as long as the read solution. It seemed to me
>that mmap/mlock should be at least as fast as read. Comments are

People love mmap() and other ways to play with the page tables to
optimize away a copy operation, and sometimes it is worth it.

HOWEVER, playing games with the virtual memory mapping is very expensive
in itself. It has a number of quite real disadvantages that people tend
to ignore because memory copying is seen as something very slow, and
sometimes optimizing that copy away is seen as an obvious improvment.

Downsides to mmap:
 - quite noticeable setup and teardown costs. And I mean _noticeable_.
   It's things like following the page tables to unmap everything
   cleanly. It's the book-keeping for maintaining a list of all the
   mappings. It's The TLB flush needed after unmapping stuff.
 - page faulting is expensive. That's how the mapping gets populated,
   and it's quite slow.

Upsides of mmap:
 - if the data gets re-used over and over again (within a single map
   operation), or if you can avoid a lot of other logic by just mapping
   something in, mmap() is just the greatest thing since sliced bread.

   This may be a file that you go over many times (the binary image of
   an executable is the obvious case here - the code jumps all around
   the place), or a setup where it's just so convenient to map the whole
   thing in without regard of the actual usage patterns that mmap() just
   wins. You may have random access patterns, and use mmap() as a way
   of keeping track of what data you actually needed.

 - if the data is large, mmap() is a great way to let the system know
   what it can do with the data-set. The kernel can forget pages as
   memory pressure forces the system to page stuff out, and then just
   automatically re-fetch them again.

   And the automatic sharing is obviously a case of this..

But your test-suite (just copying the data once) is probably pessimal
for mmap().


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