BK2CVS problem

From: Larry McVoy
Date: Wed Nov 05 2003 - 15:47:06 EST

Somebody has modified the CVS tree on kernel.bkbits.net directly. Dave looked
at the machine and it looked like someone may have been trying to break in and
do it.

We've fixed the file in question, the conversion is done back here at BitMover
and after we transfer the files we check them and make sure they are OK and
this file got flagged.

The CVS tree is fine, you might want to remove and update exit.c to make sure
you have the current version in your tree however.

The problem file is kernel/exit.c which has a few extra entries like so:

revision 1.121
date: 2003/11/04 16:44:19; author: davem; state: Exp; lines: +58 -0
Oops, I worked on the the wrong file, fixed again.
revision 1.120
date: 2003/11/04 16:42:00; author: davem; state: Exp; lines: +0 -58
*** empty log message ***
revision 1.119
date: 2003/11/04 16:22:47; author: davem; state: Exp; lines: +2 -0
*** empty log message ***
revision 1.118
date: 2003/10/27 19:50:03; author: torvalds; state: Exp; lines: +11 -5
Fix ZOMBIE race with self-reaping threads.

exit_notify() used to leave a window open when a thread
died that made the thread visible as a ZOMBIE even though
the thread reaped itself. This closes that window by marking
the thread DEAD within the tasklist_lock.

(Logical change 1.14141)

Notice how the top 3 do not have the (Logical change X.YZ) at the end?
That is a pointer so you can figure out the changeset boundaries and
it is added back here during the conversion process. The file here is
fine which leads me to believe that someone modified the file either on
kernel.bkbits.net or managed to get in through the pserver. Dave swears
up and down that it wasn't him so if anyone can step forward and claim
responsibility that would be nice.

It's not a big deal, we catch stuff like this, but it's annoying to the
CVS users.
Larry McVoy lm at bitmover.com http://www.bitmover.com/lm
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