Re: Oops with tmpfs on both 2.4.22 & 2.6.0-test11

From: James W McMechan
Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 00:46:20 EST

Hello, I have a test program which will generate the Oops easily.
No maintainer was listed for tmpfs and the best Google reference is
about 2 years back, and it does not seem to be about this issue.

This Oops both 2.4.22 and 2.6.0-test11
It results from a ARCH=um bugreport and I kept making the
test program shorter, now down to one executable line.

It oops with the list poison address on 2.6.0-test11
Neither myself nor William Lee Irwin III know what the
list_add(q, &dentry->d_subdirs);
from fs/libfs.c:90 or 137 is intended to do but he suggested you might
I think that is where it is corrupting the list entries.

/* by James_McMechan at hotmail com */

/* test2 program to Oops shmfs mounted at /dev/shm */
/* yes it is dumb but unprivileged users should not be able */
/* to Oops the kernel regardless of how dumb the program */
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <dirent.h>
{/* off 0 is "." off 1 is ".." off 2 is empty */
seekdir(opendir("/dev/shm"), (off_t) 2);

On Sun, 30 Nov 2003 20:51:01 -0800 William Lee Irwin III
<wli@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
> On Sun, Nov 30, 2003 at 06:06:41PM -0800, James W McMechan wrote:
> > Have you got a suggestion on who to bug, I have not found
> > maintainers on tmpfs or now the libfs section.
> Hugh Dickins is highly clueful and generally maintains tmpfs. He's
> fixed bugs in fs/libfs.c before, too.
> -- wli

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