Re: Oops w/sysfs when closing a disconnected usb serial device

From: Maneesh Soni
Date: Mon Dec 01 2003 - 04:40:27 EST

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 12:21:14AM +0000, Mike Gorse wrote:
> With 2.6.0-test11, I get a panic if I disconnect a USB serial device with
> a fd open on it and then close the fd. When the device is disconnected,
> usb_disconnect calls usb_disable_device, which calls device_del, which
> calls kobject_del, which removes the device's sysfs directory. If a user
> space program has the tts device open, then kobject_cleanup and
> destroy_serial do not get called until the device is closed, but by then
> the kobject_del call to the interface has caused the tty device's sysfs
> directory to be nuked from under it. Eventually sysfs_remove_dir is
> called and eventually calls simple_rmdir with a dentry with a NULL
> d_inode, causing an oops. I can make the Oops go away with the following
> patch:
> --- fs/sysfs/dir.c.orig 2003-11-30 18:59:34.395284712 -0500
> +++ fs/sysfs/dir.c 2003-11-30 18:59:50.944768808 -0500
> @@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
> struct dentry * parent = dget(d->d_parent);
> down(&parent->d_inode->i_sem);
> d_delete(d);
> - simple_rmdir(parent->d_inode,d);
> + if (d->d_inode) simple_rmdir(parent->d_inode,d);
> pr_debug(" o %s removing done (%d)\n",d->,
> atomic_read(&d->d_count));

Hi Mike,

IMO d->d_inode is not expected to be NULL at this point. The only
place it can become NULL is in d_delete(d) call, but as the dentry ref.
count will be atleast 2, even this will not make d_inode NULL and it should
only unhash the dentry. Probably it will become more clear if you post
the oops message.

Mean while, I think kobject_del should not remove corresponding sysfs directory
until all the other references to kobject has gone. There can be references
taken in sysfs_open_file() from user space. The following patch moves the
sysfs_remove_dir() call, to kobject_cleanup() and I think it may solve your
problem also. It will be nice if you can test it.

Pat, what do you think about the below patch?


o kobject_del should not remove the corresponding sysfs directory untill all
other references to kobject are gone for example references taken from
userspace programs doing sysfs_open_file(). Moving sysfs_remove_dir to

lib/kobject.c | 2 +-
1 files changed, 1 insertion(+), 1 deletion(-)

diff -puN lib/kobject.c~kobject_del-fix lib/kobject.c
--- linux-2.6.0-test11/lib/kobject.c~kobject_del-fix 2003-12-01 11:02:23.000000000 +0530
+++ linux-2.6.0-test11-maneesh/lib/kobject.c 2003-12-01 11:03:51.000000000 +0530
@@ -410,7 +410,6 @@ void kobject_del(struct kobject * kobj)
if (top_kobj->kset && top_kobj->kset->hotplug_ops)
kset_hotplug("remove", top_kobj->kset, kobj);

- sysfs_remove_dir(kobj);

@@ -454,6 +453,7 @@ void kobject_cleanup(struct kobject * ko
struct kset * s = kobj->kset;

pr_debug("kobject %s: cleaning up\n",kobject_name(kobj));
+ sysfs_remove_dir(kobj);
if (kobj->k_name != kobj->name)
kobj->k_name = NULL;


Maneesh Soni
Linux Technology Center,
IBM Software Lab, Bangalore, India
email: maneesh@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 91-80-5044999 Fax: 91-80-5268553
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