Re: [2.6] Missing L2-cache after warm boot

From: Jochen Hein
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 08:48:04 EST

Ian Hastie <ianh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> On Monday 01 Dec 2003 14:04, Jochen Hein wrote:
>> I'm running 2.6.0-test11 on an older Thinkpad 390E,
>> When booting into 2.6.0-test11 after running Windows2000 I get:
> Do any of the previous test releases show this problem?

-test11 is the first release running on that machine. My older TP600
destroyed its WIndows 95 so I got a replacement. Compiling a kernel
takes an hour or two, so it is not much fun trying different kernels.

> How are you booting
> Linux? Full warm boot via the BIOS or some loadlin kind of boot?

via BIOS, lilo in MBR

> If it's
> via the BIOS then does that show the L2 cache as being present?

The BIOS doesn't tell anything, the setup doesn't have a "cache
enable" or "turbo" entry.

>> When booting cold the boot messages are:
> Presumably from switch on.


>> /proc/cpuinfo contains (after warm boot):
>> processor : 0
>> vendor_id : GenuineIntel
>> cpu family : 6
>> model : 6
>> model name : Mobile Pentium II
>> stepping : 10
>> cpu MHz : 298.598
>> cache size : 256 KB
> And shows as 0 after warm boot?

Hm, can't say for sure, because it didn't happen again.

> My immediate thought was a BIOS problem. IBM's web site doesn't say any BIOS
> updates fix L2 cache related problems, but then it doesn't seem to use
> technical descriptions like that. It says the latest BIOS is 1.55 - R01_C9.

I'll see what BIOS I have - it is the latest. Thanks for the hint anyway.

> Or maybe it's possible that something in MS Windows 2000 is turning off the L2
> cache and it isn't getting reactivated by the warm boot?

Is there any way to see what Windows does here? I only found a manual
enable of the L2cache when using older processors.

> What happens when
> you do a cold boot to Linux then reboot from there?

That is fine.

For now the system seems to be fine, even when starting from Win2k via
BIOS reboot. Hmpf.


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