Re: USB Audio, Alsa & HK SoundSticks

From: Ihar 'Philips' Filipau
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 12:35:51 EST


Takashi Iwai wrote:

try ALSA 1.0.0rc1.
if the usb driver is NOT usb-uhci, try async_unlink=1 option for
snd-usb-audio. because usb-uhci has a bug in the async unlinking, the
async-unlink mode is disabled as default for 2.4 kernels.

Half of an hour - works without problems.

[ I am using exactly usb-uhci. "Works For Me" (tm) without any parameters. ]

[ I have spend more time to f*ck up RHL9 to load automatically alsa. And bit more time to figure-out that RHL start-up scripts do screw things up completely. gamix, alsamixer do work, but xmms fails to open alsa's dsp. "rmmod snd*; modprobe sound-slot-0" in late start-up helped. Need to upgrade my RHL9 to Debian...
Too old for this /desktop/ non-sense.
But still I am (as a device driver developer) trying to understand how it is possible to screw something in module loading process so mixer is here but dsp is not, while they are represented by the very same module. ]

Ihar 'Philips' Filipau / with best regards from Saarbruecken.
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