Re: [2.4.23] compile / link error in net/ipv4/netfilter

From: Chris Frey
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 14:26:06 EST

On Tue, Dec 02, 2003 at 01:53:33PM +0530, Harald Welte wrote:
> This is illegal, and 'make menuconfig' or 'make xconfig' should not
> allow you to combine the two of them. Please describe how you managed
> to do that ;)

I had them all turned on as modules in an old config that I loaded, and
then turned module support off.

In theory the build system should prevent this, but I can see how that might
be hard to code (I'm not up to speed with the 2.4 build system internals)
so I called it user error on my part and continued on. :-)

- Chris

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