Re: IDE-SCSI oops in 2.6.0-test11

From: bill davidsen
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 16:51:30 EST

In article <3FCC9307.8050409@xxxxxxxxx>,
Ed Sweetman <ed.sweetman@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
| ross.alexander@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
| > CPU: Athlon-XP 2700+
| > MB: ASUS A7N8X Deluxe
| > Memory: 3 x 512MB
| > Notes: UP kernel, standard EIDE driver, boot paramters acpi=off
| > nolapic,noapic
| > Libc: glibc-2.3.2 with linuxthreads.
| >
| > This error occurs while trying to write a DVD+RW to an NEC-1300A DVD
| > writer
| > using cdrecord-dvdpro executable (no source available). This works fine
| > on linux-2.4.23.
| >
| First off, acpi should be working just fine now...should have been for
| the last couple versions of 2.6.0-test.

Is that "should have been working" as in "I believe it to be working" or
"dammit they said it was working?"

| Second, you probably shouldn't be using ide-scsi. ATAPI works just fine
| using straight ide for CDR's so it probably works fine for DVD-R+R+RW
| whatever stupid acronymn they're using today.

ATAPI works fine for programs which know about it and are
Linux-specific. Programs expecting SCSI devices, which work on Linux
2.4, Solaris, SCO, and even Windows (I'm told) want SCSI.

| Third, you didn't post the actual oops so how is anyone supposed t osay
| anything about this problem?

Your mail was truncated, I believe.

| Fourth, you are using a binary you didn't compile that's probably
| compiled against headers for api's found in 2.4.x which is seriously
| different from the kernel you're running it on. Compile your own
| cdrecord and see how it goes.

You missed the "binary only" in his post. That software is no more
available in source than Windows.

I think the real point is not that it doesn't work, but that it oops's
the system. I would regard anything which a user can do which causes an
oops as a critical problem.

bill davidsen <davidsen@xxxxxxx>
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