Re: libata in 2.4.24?

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Tue Dec 02 2003 - 17:36:32 EST

bill davidsen wrote:
Unless a miracle occurs it will take as long for 2.6 to be really stable
and fully functional as it did for 2.[024]. When it goes out in distros
and gets abused by users for a while the sharp corners will be broken off.

I think that's a bit of an extremist view.

The 2.6 rpms Arjan has posted have gotten good use, and most people seem to think 2.6.0-test is a _lot_ more stable than 2.4.0 was at release time.

It's certainly true that a raft of currently-unknown bugs will show up when distros start shipping 2.6-based distros (I think the first was Mandrake, as an experimental extra, soon be followed by Fedora?). Such bugs always appear.

I venture to say, for the vast majority of hardware, including my 28MB K6-2 laptop and my P133 firewall, 2.6 works just as well as 2.4 does currently.


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