Re: 2.6 for ppc

From: Benjamin Herrenschmidt
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 03:27:18 EST

On Wed, 2003-12-03 at 07:31, Dmytro Bablinyuk wrote:
> Could anybody please tell me at what stage the 2.6(-test11) kernel
> regarding ppc arch.
> Right now if I am trying to compile it fails in several places in
> arch/ppc folder with obvious errors (for: 8xx cpu, FADS platform used
> uclibc).

I'm not sure what is the exact state of the 8xx support in the main
tree, but for embedded ppc related question, you should ask on the
linuxppc-embedded list ( You may also have more
luck using the "linuxppc-2.5" tree on for such
things (or my linuxppc-2.5-benh for powermac related stuffs).


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