Re: Errors and later panics in 2.6.0-test11.

From: Neil Brown
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 15:07:00 EST

On Wednesday December 3, axboe@xxxxxxx wrote:
> >
> > Interesting. Another RAID 0 problem report..
> Hmm did _all_ reports include raid-0, or just "some" raid? I'm looking
> at the bio_pair stuff which raid-0 is the only user of, something looks
> fishy there.

I think this is the first raid0 related problem I have seen for a
while. Others were raid1 and raid5.

Once an array is set up and running there is minimal common code
between the different levels so it is very unlikely to be the same
problem in all three cases.

xfs seems to figure almost as prominantly as raid (the raid1 bug was
ext3), but maybe it's just that xfs over raid is a popular

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