Re: HT apparently not detected properly on 2.4.23

From: Ethan Weinstein
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 15:32:45 EST

Mike Fedyk wrote:

Depending on the logical addressing of your processors, CONFIG_NR_CPUS=8 may
work in this case too.

Some processors/motherboards logically address the CPUs other that 0-3 if
there are 4 processors.

Currently CONFIG_NR_CPUS needs to be big enough to hold the largest logical
processor number.

Thanks. This rings a bell, I seem to remember what I thought to be
"impossible numbering" on the CPUs such as "CPU7" or somesuch in a
dmesg.. Will have to look through logs. I'll raise CONFIG_NR_CPUS and
see what I get. Now, the question is, why do we only interrupt on CPU0
on this pasrticular box|chipset with a vanilla kernel? ACPI problem? My
SMP G4 ppc has an option in menuconfig: "distribute interrupts on all
CPUs by default", the x86 has no such option.


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