Re: Disk Geometries reported incorrectly on 2.6.0-testX

From: bill davidsen
Date: Wed Dec 03 2003 - 19:02:18 EST

In article <20031203232726.GC466@xxxxxxx>,
Andrew Clausen <clausen@xxxxxxx> wrote:
| On Wed, Dec 03, 2003 at 02:07:06PM +0100, Szakacsits Szabolcs wrote:
| > > Can you elaborate? Autodetect what? Autodetect if the BIOS supports LBA?
| >
| > Autodetect to boot from the boot controller's miniport driver or using
| > BIOS. It should have been mentioned in one of the Microsoft articles I
| > referred.
| I'm totally confused.
| What's a miniport driver? What is a boot controller? Do these have
| anything to do with LBA?
| Also, you say "autodetect"... you mean it is making a decision to use
| some method (not that I understand this). How does it make the decision?
| The article doesn't mention "Linear", "LBA", "boot controller" or
| "miniport driver" at all. (I was looking at
| - is this the right one?)
| The question I believe I asked was: how does the Windows installation
| software decide whether to use LBA or CHS? Is this an answer to
| this question?

Some (most?) BIOS implementations let you set this as an option,
something like STANDARD, LARGE and LBA choices. Most today set LBA
unless you force it.

I would expect the Windows installer to use what the BIOS provides, but
I'm happy to say I haven't done a winstall in several years.
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