Re: NForce2 pseudoscience stability testing (2.6.0-test11)

From: Josh McKinney
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 11:37:45 EST

On approximately Thu, Dec 04, 2003 at 04:19:10PM +0100, Craig Bradney wrote:
> As reported earlier today I had the first lockup this morning in over 5
> days uptime. Having had that, I decided to go for the latest gentoo 2.6
> test 11-r1 kernel. This means I was now running the following patches:
> instead of
> on top of vanilla test 11.
> Anyway.. my two changes on rebuilding the kernel were initially:
> -Add in preempt (because there were questions asked here)
> -Remove generic IDE support (I know I have Nvidia IDE so lets only have
> that one).
> In that configuration the "multiple hdparm -t /dev/hda" test hung my
> system.
> Rebuilt kernel without preempt.. no hang on hdparm test.
> So in summary, apart from the patch changes as above, the only
> difference is to my 5 day kernel I now dont have generic IDE support
> included.
> So now, I'll leave it on and see how far it goes.. 13 mins so far :).
> regards
> Craig

Just to add more inconsistency into the mix, I am running with preempt
enabled, generic ide disabled, and can't make it crash. Ran netperf for
an hour over a crossover cable on 100mbit, a couple make -j 30 kernel
compiles, dbench, and playing some mp3's all at the same time and
nothing happens despite load average reaching over 100. Maybe I am just

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