[ANNOUNCE] Linux Test Project December Release Announcement

From: Robert Williamson
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 14:02:36 EST

The Linux Test Project test suite <http://www.linuxtestproject.org> has
been released. The latest version of the testsuite contains 2000+ tests for
the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as: test
results, a Linux test tools matrix, an area for keeping up with fixes for
known blocking problems in the 2.5/2.6 kernel releases, technical papers
and HowTos on Linux testing, and a code coverage analysis tool.


* Updated the LTP test driver to handle all real-time signals.

* Updated the command tests to ensure better portability.

* Added new NFS test, nfs_fsstress, to stress NFS using the fsstress

* Added new tests for low-level SCSI, virtual SCSI, Asynch IO, & ACL
control and management

* Applied more bug fixes, patches, and code cleanups.

We encourage the community to post results, patches or new tests on our
mailing list <ltp-list@xxxxxxxxxxxx> and use the CVS bug tracking facility
to report problems that you might encounter with the test suite.

See ChangeLog below.


Robert V. Williamson <robbiew@xxxxxxxxxx>
Linux Test Project
IBM Linux Technology Center
Web: http://ltp.sourceforge.net
IRC: #ltp on freenode.irc.net
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein

- Allowed the test driver to ignore all ( Robbie Williamson )
real-time signals.
- Removed the obsolete time() and stime() tests ( Robbie Williamson )
from the default runalltests.sh and
ltpstress.sh scripts.
- Updated "file_test.sh" with fixes to improve ( Glen Foster )
execution and portability.
- Updated "cpio_tests.sh" with fixes to improve ( Glen Foster )
execution and portability.
- Updated "cron_tests.sh" with fixes to improve ( Glen Foster )
execution and portability.
- Updated "mail_tests.sh" with fixes to improve ( Glen Foster )
execution and portability.
- Added Asynchronous I/O (aio) testcases. ( Marty Ridgeway )
- Added file & directory ACL control and ( Marty Ridgeway )
management testcases.
- Added testcases for low-level SCSI & virtual ( Marty Ridgeway )
SCSI devices.
- Updated direct IO tests to return TCONF if ( Robbie Williamson )
the tested filesystem does not support dio.
- Updated acct01 & sockioctl01 to handle ( Robbie Williamson )
situations where /dev/tty0 does not exist.
- Updated fsync02 to ensure max_block is always ( Robbie Williamson )
greater than data_blocks.
- Updated getgroups03 to allow for better ( Susanne Wintenberger )
stability and platform portabilty.
- Updated the modify_ldt testcases to allow the ( Robbie Williamson )
tests the ability to build on installations
that use type "user_desc" instead of
- Applied IA64 specific fixes to sigaltstack() ( Jacky Malcles )
- Updated some of the utime() tests to sleep ( Glen Foster )
longer than one second (2) to ensure proper
execution on IA64.
- Updated some of the write() tests to make the ( Susanne Wintenberger )
invalid address test 64bit portable.
- Added new NFS stress test: nfs_fsstress. ( Robbie Williamson )
- Updated OpenHPI testsuite. ( Kevin Gao )
- Updated ltpstress.sh to change the maximum ( Robbie Williamson )
number of user processes to "unlimited"
before testing begins (ulimit -u).

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