Bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days

From: Stacy Woods
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 14:48:36 EST

There are 283 bugs sitting in the NEW state for more than 28 days
that don't appear to have any activity. 86 of these bugs are owned
by bugme-janitors which are good candidates for anyone to work on.
Please check the bugs before working on them to see if they are
still available.

Kernel Bug Tracker: http://bugme.osdl.org

122 Platform i386 rui.sousa@xxxxxxxxxxx
emu10k1 OSS troubles

160 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
With 2 different nic on one system, dhcp configuration fails

191 Platform i386 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
Panic on shutdown

216 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
compile failure in drivers/scsi/pci2220i.c

217 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
compile failure in drivers/scsi/dpt_i2o.c

220 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
compile failure in drivers/scsi/AM53C974.c

236 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
media/video/bt856.c bounds error from Andy Chou <acc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

237 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
media/video/c-qcam.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou <acc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

238 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
media/video/saa7134/saa7134-tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds. From Andy Chou

239 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
media/video/tvaudio.c buffer out of bounds from Andy Chou <acc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

243 Drivers SCSI chase.maupin@xxxxxx
possiblecpqfcTSworker.c out of bounds bug from Andy Chou <acc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

246 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
Possible missing assert in sym_malloc.c from acc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

248 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Possible bug in sstfb.c from Stanford Checker

252 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Possible out of bounds bug in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

253 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
another possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

254 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
One more possible out of bounds error in sb_mixer.c from Stanford Checker

263 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
neofb: unable to handle kernel paging request

283 Drivers Serial bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Compile failure of drivers/char/isicom.c

294 File Sys devfs bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
devfs_dealloc_unique_number() when not initialized

297 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
Booting kernel 2.5.57 and higher ends with failure

301 IO/Stora Block La axboe@xxxxxxx

320 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
double logical operator drivers/char/ip2/i2lib.c

361 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
system hangs until keyrpress

368 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Permedia 3 driver broken

371 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Badness in kobject_register at lib/kobject.c:152

379 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
VIA 8235 rear channel playback on front channels?

396 IO/Stora Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The kernel keeps trying to read a bad floppy disk sector a infinite number of

400 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Highpoint 370 triggers sleeping from illegal context debug code.

417 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
htree much slower than regular ext3

441 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Badness in Riva framebuffer

446 Alternat ac alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IDE ZIP does not work on 2.4.21-pre5-ac1&2/ac test tree

450 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PPP (PPPoE) causes OOPS on interface initialization, 2.5.64

465 IO/Stora Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2.5.65: devfs OOPS in delete_partition() w/ usb_storage: devfs_put() poisoned

477 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
mii-tool and ethtool require root to query

481 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
Annoying full pathname prefixes before messages during boot.

487 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hisax.ko needs unknown symbol ^M

490 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
psmouse.c fails detecting Microsoft PS/2 wheel mice

504 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Framebuffer Console corrupted

513 Drivers USB vojtech@xxxxxxx
Wacom driver doesn't work...

521 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cdrecord fails to see drive caps consistently when using ide-cd

537 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Alsa EMU10K1 Audigy

544 Process Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
bad: scheduling while atomic! warning on modprobe airo_cs

556 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dma not enabled for IDE hard drives

560 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Wacom driver isn't working

568 Drivers ISDN bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
compile failure in drivers/isdn/hisax/diva.c

576 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IDE module loop

579 Drivers ISDN bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
isdn.ko needs unknown symbol group_send_sig_info

580 Memory M Other akpm@xxxxxxxxx
freeze after ~12 hours of operation, kswapd OOPS in logs

581 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
kernel panic in aha152x

588 IO/Stora IDE alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2.5.67 won't get the real partition table for hdb

593 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
fb.h has syntax errors

595 Alternat ac alan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ide-cd stops recognizing cd-rw, starting with 2.5.67-ac1.

609 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Compilation error for adbhid.c [ppc]

611 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
keywest driver fails to compile due to i2c interface changes

621 File Sys devfs bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oups while running mc, not able to run xterm nor kterm in xfree86

627 IO/Stora DIO akpm@xxxxxxxxx
[perf][rawiobench] serveraid adapter 2x slower on 2.5

628 Alternat mjb bhartner@xxxxxxxxxx
Need configurable TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE per process

629 Alternat mjb bhartner@xxxxxxxxxx
Configuring PAGE_OFFSET

643 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Problems when using both fbcon and vgacon

648 Other Other mochel@xxxxxxxx
sysfs initialisation failure.

650 Drivers Other mochel@xxxxxxxx
driver model needs easy way to create subdirs

657 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The HTB utility is not working properly using 2.5.73 kernel

669 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Alt+SysRq+T doesn't work on Compaq Armada 1592DT

674 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
scancode 0x13 rejected

677 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
failure to boot 2.5.68 and higher

681 Platform x86-64 ak@xxxxxxx
32bit programs don't dump the SSE2 registers when coredumping on x86-64

682 Platform x86-64 ak@xxxxxxx
NMI watchdog appears to run too often on x86-64

685 Platform x86-64 ak@xxxxxxx
need to core dump 64bit vsyscall code

686 Platform x86-64 ak@xxxxxxx
need dwarf2 description of assembly function/irqstacks

694 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
autofs_wqt_t changed size halfway a stable kernel series. ABI BREAK!!!

698 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hang after memory resources listed on fujitsu C-series lifebook

704 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
need hotplug support on /dev/input/mouseN

705 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
using xmodmap to reverse mouse buttons, causes button 3 to behave as though 1

706 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
ps/2 keyboard detection in infinite loop

721 File Sys NFS trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxx
[perf] [SPECsfs97] SPECsfs97 fails to run on EXT3 fs on 2.5.68

723 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The tc tool doesn't work

728 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
rivafb problem

729 Platform Alpha rth@xxxxxxxxxxx
Alpha kernel sound/core compile fails

730 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ide-floppy hangs the machine

731 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Errors message and paused system with IDE ZIP

733 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
vortex_timer caused "IRQ # nobody cared" msg

738 Alternat mm akpm@xxxxxxxxx
kernel BUG at fs/jbd/transaction.c:2023!

740 Other Other jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
initramfs fails to unpack certain cpio archives

742 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has poor sound quality

743 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has no midi support

745 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Maestro3/Allegro-1 Soundcard has no s/pdif support

746 Networki IPV6 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IPv6 route disappears, unable to re-add routing entries

762 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cs4232, cs4236 module loading problem

763 Memory M Other akpm@xxxxxxxxx
machine hang, log file indicates "Slab corruption"

768 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IDE modules issue when all IDE is module

769 Process Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kernel locks up when heavily using pthread keys (NPTL)

773 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
strange IO-APIC-edge in /proc/interrupts

782 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
random repeating of keys

788 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
Security!->Chmod changes two files instead of one on ext3fs !

789 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
Security!->Chmod changes two files instead of one on ext3fs !

790 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
SDET hangs

795 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
hiddev is loosing events (getting 0x0 events instead of the real ones)

797 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
error during shutdown "eth1: error -110 writing Tx descriptor to BAP"

800 Process Schedule rml@xxxxxxxxx
2.5.70-bk15 - flood of "scheduling while atomic!" and panic on boot

806 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Full-duplex mode on nForce motherboards

808 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
register_cpu_notifier in flow.c causes fatal error during make

816 IO/Stora SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
few warnings during compiling 2.5.72

825 Power Ma Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
reboot notifiers run after power off

837 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
PPP async spin_lock_bh badness

849 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
[perf][tiobench] tiobench sequential write degrades in 2.5.72-bk2

862 Memory M Slab All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
[x86_64] Reproducible crash in {memset+164}

864 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Touchpad no longer works

869 Alternat mm akpm@xxxxxxxxx
System hangs in IO schedule

875 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
pm3fb does not compile

876 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
cirrusfb does not compile

879 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
radeon fbdev oopses when watching a picture on the console with fbi

880 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ftape driver failed to build

885 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
neofb has issue with scrollback

886 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
On mipsel linker says, .o file build with wrong byte order.

892 Alternat mm akpm@xxxxxxxxx
kernel BUG at include/linux/list.h:148!

896 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
sleeping function called from illegal context at include/linux/rwsem.h:43

901 Memory M Other akpm@xxxxxxxxx
sleeping function called from illegal context at include/linux/rwsem.h:43

909 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Unresolved symbols in .../video/console/fbcon.ko

912 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Autorepeat storm on USB keyboard resulting in X/matroxfb intermingling on G400

914 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"bad: scheduling while atomic!" flood after IDE error

916 Drivers USB vojtech@xxxxxxx
Logitech USB mouse invalid configuration

918 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
Warnings during loading tulip driver module

924 Drivers Network bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Can't eject then insert again a prism/orinoco pcmcia card

935 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Intel ICH5 S-ATA problem

937 Networki IPV4 acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Oops in raw_rcv_skb if CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC=y

943 IO/Stora SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
Request for Scsi_Host configurable CMD TimeOut per HBA

945 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
System hang when mount a zip disk.

953 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Touchpad forced as Synaptic but it isn't a Synaptics touchpad

956 IO/Stora MD bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Kernel hangs when using a primary and secondary IDE controller under software

957 Drivers ISDN bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Isdn system not working at all in 2.5/2.6

958 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
file name error in vfat

963 File Sys devfs bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
'rmmod hid' causes 'kernel BUG' in devfs core

974 IO/Stora SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
once scsi cdrom drive in vcd mode, it doesn't get reset in normal data mode

977 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
radeon framebuffer totally white on any framebuffer operation

978 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ARPs sent with wrong src IP address

980 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
tulip driver does not establish connection

981 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
tg3 loses interrupt

982 Drivers Serial rmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cu -l /dev/ttyS0 got a signal hangup in 2.5 and 2.6.0-test2 kernel

995 Drivers ISDN bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
isdn won't compile with CONFIG_ISDN_DIVERSION=[ym]

996 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Can't create right tunnel

1010 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lcd video scale reset at boot

1011 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
aironet scheduling while atomic

1014 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Infrequent but persistent oops in either XFS or block layer

1015 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
260t1-7 && 24x --- crash / lock-up (when agpgart, ATI chipset == true; and si

1017 Memory M Page All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
Debug: sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/page_alloc.c:545

1018 File Sys NFS trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxx
root nfs mountpoint via dhcp does not work

1022 Other Modules bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Make Install Complains"No module raid0 found for kernel"

1025 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Keyboard repeat rate is broken

1028 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kernel hang when mount music cd

1030 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
racoon causes oops when implementing IPSec key

1031 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
dvd-player on HPT302 fail with acpi on

1032 IO/Stora Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Toshiba laptop keyboard hang

1040 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kernel panic while trying to bring bridge up

1044 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
STT20000A Tape drive dma blacklist

1046 File Sys devfs bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
first user login gives bug in devfs

1048 Other Modules bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hiddev_events missing when reading from /dev/hiddev0

1052 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ide_cs cannot be unloaded due to unsafe usage in include/linux/module.h:482

1054 Networki Netfilte laforge@xxxxxxxxxxxx
loading iptables modules kill raid5 kernel thread

1060 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
3c905B Causes system to freeze

1064 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Network doesn't work but interface is up

1067 Drivers USB rddunlap@xxxxxxxx
USB printer is not seen anymore

1072 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Laptop touchpad does not work; synaptics driver missing

1074 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Neither Touchpad nor Pointer work on a Laptop with a Touchpat and a Pointer

1075 File Sys Samba/SM bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
corrupt dirctory when mounting smbfs from a WinXP box with unicode option

1082 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
Intel e100 driver causes dhcp to fail

1091 Memory M Other akpm@xxxxxxxxx
out of memory lockups

1097 File Sys NFS trond.myklebust@xxxxxxxxxx
NFS causing kernel BUG at lines 1701 and 1702 in slab.c

1100 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
black screen

1101 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Keyboard does not work at all (laptop)

1105 Memory M Slab All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
slab error in check_poison_obj(): cache `task_struct'

1111 Drivers Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
serial167.c - Complie error: BH functions removed from include/linux/interrup

1118 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
atp870u driver causes segfault on load

1119 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
OPL-3 synth doesn't work on SB16 (isapnp problem?)

1121 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Race condition with keyboard input and loading uhci-hcd

1122 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
Kernel oops

1145 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
alsa emu10k1 high volume feedback

1148 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
when using ipsec with DSL connections communication will hang if mtu is 1500(

1149 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Linker failure when configuring serio as module

1154 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
USB mouse affects keyboard repeat -- strange

1155 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
Keyboard repeats randomly after bringing down eth0

1156 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Loose IRQ or fail SCSI Commands under heavy I/O

1157 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
8139too : Too much work at interrupt

1163 Drivers SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
removing usb-storage driver cause some processes to go into uninterruptible sl

1172 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Keybord becomes unresponsive from XWindows

1174 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
3c509.c Etherlink III module doesn't compile when CONFIG_MCA defined

1176 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
icmp redirect shuts connexions

1179 File Sys ReiserFS reiserfs-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
AMD Viper driver and ReiserFS root partition must use notail in fstab

1190 Power Ma Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
oops on echo 4 > /proc/acpi/sleep

1191 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
Unloading USB modules when using PL2303 and cu causes an OOPS

1192 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
e1000 driver produces strange statistics

1193 Other Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Architecture specific flags get passed twice to compiler

1194 Drivers USB rddunlap@xxxxxxxx
Cannot print to my USB Printer: Epson Stylus Color 680 (usblp)

1196 Platform Alpha rth@xxxxxxxxxxx
SMP fails to compile

1197 Platform Alpha rth@xxxxxxxxxxx
initramfs.S error

1198 IO/Stora Block La axboe@xxxxxxx
loop deadlock on block-backed writes

1205 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Loading the cmd64x driver for a second interface fails

1210 Drivers PCMCIA rmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
cannot load axnet_cs driver

1212 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
more than 40,000 files in a directory cause extreme slow down

1214 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Changing link status of the interface up and down gets stuck

1225 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hermes pcmcia driver selection in make menuconfig confusing

1231 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Warning: "set_special_pids" [fs/jffs/jffs.ko] undefined!

1232 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Wont build without DMA support enabled

1233 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hang when trying to mount root fs

1236 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
e100 driver hangs when trying to stop the interface

1238 Drivers PCMCIA rmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ibmtr_cs: RequestConfiguration: Bad Vcc

1239 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
miscomputing of checksums if icmp pkg > MTU

1240 Drivers USB akpm@xxxxxxxxx
USB HCD reports an unhandled IRQ and throws a call trace

1243 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Communication with ipsec api seems to hang after some operation

1244 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
/proc/interrupts seems to be unbalanced

1250 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IPSEC-TUNNEL gives error messages in the system log and tcpdump.

1255 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
PS/2 mouse problem with KVM switch

1256 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
drivers/net/wan/cosa.c won't compile

1262 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
bluez thinkpad t40p kernel BUG on usage of l2cap

1264 IO/Stora SCSI andmike@xxxxxxxxxx
qla1280 driver causes bad: scheduling while atomic error on boot

1266 Drivers Network bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bluetooth sdptool & rfcomm cause oops

1274 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Synaptics lost sync at 1st byte (repeats that xxxx times)

1275 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
Some USB bug (sorry it isn't clear but i didn't find it i only send it to you)

1282 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hard Lockup

1284 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
Asus P5AB broken BIOS reading ESCD

1285 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
radeonfb do not correctly detect LCD

1289 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Intermezzo fs won't compile

1292 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
emu10k alsa driver fails to work witout OSS api support

1296 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
setkeycodes not working

1301 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Synaptic touchpad doesn't work properly

1308 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
MSI-6210 locks up during init

1314 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
packet capturing using PACKET_RX_RING does not work as expected

1317 Drivers USB vojtech@xxxxxxx
infinite "drivers/usb/input/hid-core.c: control queue full" on apcupsd load

1321 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
2.6.0-test6 hangs while executing "make menuconfig" on a remote computer

1327 Memory M Page All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
oops triggered by memory allocation of procmail

1328 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
Include files improperly gaurded in #ifdef

1330 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
No sound from via82xx driver in mmap mode.

1332 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
sidewinder driver broken for gameports

1337 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
Network card stop functionning : 8139too

1339 Memory M Page All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
sleeping function called from invalid context

1342 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Samba breaks in test7 kernel

1343 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Problems with input devices driver PS/2 Touchpad on 2.6.0-test7 kernel

1345 Drivers Video(AG davej@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
agpgart: agp_backend_initialize() failed with error -22

1358 Drivers Console/ bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Bogus IRQ error message in log

1360 File Sys Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Can't access /proc/self/fd/0 from sshd when no pty allocated.

1361 Memory M Slab All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
System halts

1371 Networki IPV6 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
kernel fails to compile with ipv6 error

1373 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
uhci-hcd fails after software suspend

1375 IO/Stora Other bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
floppy driver hangs machine on IO error

1376 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
e1000 transmit timeout

1379 Platform i386 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Failure to boot without acpi=off.

1384 Platform PPC-32 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
IBook 2 freezes on sleep.

1387 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
visor - device not accepting address 4, error -110 / oops

1389 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HighPoint 302 has ATA133 support disabled in the driver

1400 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Touchpad on a HP NX7000 not working right

1402 File Sys VFS bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
filesystem cache invalidations take too long at NFS mount time

1405 Memory M Slab All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
Memory leak in VFS?

1407 Memory M Slab All akpm@xxxxxxxxx
sleeping function called from invalid context at mm/slab.c:1857

1410 File Sys ext3 akpm@xxxxxxxxx
switch off of quota hangs when working with user: UID > 65536

1416 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
e820 BIOS "reserved" regions block drivers from registering resources

1418 Drivers USB greg@xxxxxxxxx
usbfs does not honor devgid and friends

1420 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Synaptics Touchpad and Logitech PS2++ mouse don't work together, losing sync,

1421 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1424 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
tridentfb doesn't recognize my card

1426 Platform PPC-32 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
slab error in cache_free_debugcheck() ... memory outside object was overwritten

1427 Power Ma APM apmbugs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
apm -s doesn't sleep on Thinkpad 600

1428 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
3c59x won't work at all with 2.6.0-test kernels.

1430 File Sys SysFS mochel@xxxxxxxx
SysFS oops when rmmod'ing uhci-hcd after resuming from suspend

1439 Platform i386 mbligh@xxxxxxxxxxx
Dell Inspiron 8100 with buggy DSDT in ACPI

1443 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
orinoco_cs doesn't seem to work in 2.6.0-test9

1445 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
Can not unload atmel_cs

1451 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Touchpad scroll wheel problems on Compaq X1005EA 2.6.0-test9 kernel

1452 Other Modules bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
"Invalid module format" when kernel recompiled without reinstalling modules

1453 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
snd-intel8x0 driver audio problem

1454 Drivers Network jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx
r8169 driver does not compile

1455 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
snd-intel8x0 main speaker silence

1457 Drivers PCMCIA rmk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Failed IRQ allocation

1461 Drivers Video(Ot bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
CPIA Based USB Ezonics Webcam won't work...

1466 Drivers IEEE1394 bcollins@xxxxxxxxxx
firewire device not found

1470 Drivers Console/ jsimmons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Setting font does affect only current vc

1471 Networki IPV4 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
deprecated skb_linearize warnings

1481 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hangs when (un)mounting a IDE drive which has been suspended few seconds ago

1484 Drivers Input De vojtech@xxxxxxx
Keycodes changed witt upgrade to 2.6

1485 IO/Stora IDE bzolnier@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
HPT37X code not updated - new opensource driver available

1486 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
bonding: ifenslave won't set mac address

1490 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
_decode_session[46] does not set type or code for ICMP or ICMPv6

1491 Networki Other acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
No SADB_EXPIRE message sent when soft byte lifetime is reached

1494 Platform PPC-32 bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
machine locks up while accessing NIC

1495 Drivers Sound bugme-janitors@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ESS Maestro-3i: No sound after suspend wakeup.

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