[PATCH] 2.4.23 add serial driver support for Macrolink MCCS-H cards

From: Ed Vance
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 18:33:03 EST

Hi again Marcelo,

(Looks like the mailer smashed the longer lines in the patch text.
Here it is again as an attached file.)

This patch adds support to the generic serial driver for the Macrolink
MCCS-H 8/16-port CompactPCI serial cards, which use XR16C864 UARTs and the
PLX 9030 PCI 2.2 interface chip. No changes are made to existing serial
driver logic. No new logic is added beyond the card's own initialization
function. UARTs are detected as XR16850, which is close enough.

For kernel version 2.4.23. Please apply.


Ed Vance edv (at) macrolink (dot) com
Macrolink, Inc. 1500 N. Kellogg Dr Anaheim, CA 92807

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