unsigned long event initialization

From: Avishay Traeger
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 19:45:07 EST


I am trying to figure out exactly how Linux assigns generation numbers to
inodes. In most filesystems (such as ext2/ext3) the generation number is
assigned to event++. This variable is declared in kernel/timer.c, but
apparently not initialized. I made 3 files, each one immediately after a
reboot, and this is the information I got:


>From what I can tell, event is only incremented in a few places in the fs
directory. Can someone please explain if event is actually initialized,
and if so, to what? And if it is initialized to a specific number, how
are these generation numbers so big and varied?


Avishay Traeger

File System and Storage Lab
Computer Science Department
Stony Brook University
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