HPT366 ate my IDE controllers

From: Rahsheen Porter Sr.
Date: Thu Dec 04 2003 - 21:16:47 EST

When I boot 2.6.0test11 on my Abit BP6, it *only* sees the HPT366
controllers. The other 2 controllers built in to the mobo don't show
up at all. All I see is what's plugged into the 2 HPT366 controllers.

So my root partition, which resides on /dev/hde1 with 2.4.20, becomes
/dev/hda1. And my extra partitions that were on /dev/hdg are on
/dev/hdc. This wouldn't be a problem accept that what was on /dev/hda
and hdc are now gone.

What would cause the kernel to totally ignore the built in controllers?

Rahsheen Porter <microrahsheen@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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