Re: Linux 2.4 future

From: John Jasen
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 10:34:51 EST

On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Jan Rychter wrote:

> >>>>> "Marcelo" == Marcelo Tosatti <marcelo.tosatti@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Marcelo> The intention of this email is to clarify my position on 2.4.x
> Marcelo> future.
> Marcelo> 2.6 is becoming more stable each day, and we will hopefully
> Marcelo> see a 2.6.0 release during this month or January.

I would argue that 2.2 wasn't really usable until somewhere around 2.2.12.

I would also claim that 2.4 wasn't useful until 2.4.10.

If we continue to improve along these lines, can I expect 2.6 to be
generally usable somewhere around 2.6.8? :)

> On my notebook, I have spent the last two years going through regular
> painful kernel patching and upgrades.


His experiences pretty much mirror my own -- ACPI has been an adventure,
cpufreq occasionally didn't work, full USB doesn't work without ACPI, I
need alsa drivers and ACPI in order to have acceptable sound, and I need
to use GATOS drivers for my display, else 3d just blows chunks.

For the longest time on this beast, kernel upgrades were a day long

First, to push in acpi, cpufreq, and freeswan. (Oh, look, is
out ... but the latest ACPI patch was and CPUfreq is ... time to patch and resolve

Then it was off to put in alsa, radoen, freeswan, linux-wlan-ng and so
forth ...

Some things should be migrated in and updated. drm modules, for example. I
would also vote for alsa being merged. ACPI was brought up to date in
2.4.22, I believe, but I haven't checked since then. It should also be
relativelt current, IMHO.

> 1) Please don't stop working (and that does include pulling in new
> stuff) on 2.4, as many people still have to use it.
> 2) Please don't start developing 2.7 too soon. Go for at least 6
> months of bug-fixing. During that time, patches with new features
> will accumulate anyway, so it isn't lost time. But it will at least
> prevent people from saying "well, I use 2.7.45 and it works for
> me".

I have to agree with both of these points. 2.6.0 will probably have
problems that will take a while to sort out. Putting it on systems to test
is one thing, putting it into production as its the only blessed solution
is another ...

-- John E. Jasen (jjasen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
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