Re[2]: HT apparently not detected properly on 2.4.23

From: Russell \"Elik\" Rademacher
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 18:33:31 EST

Hello Ethan,

So noted. Thanks William for this. Now I have to resume patching the rest of 284 servers from various clients this weekend and have it all brought up to speed.

Friday, December 5, 2003, 4:28:37 PM, you wrote:

Ethan Weinstein> Russell "Elik" Rademacher wrote:
>> Hello Ethan,
>> Seems that patch of yours finally did the job of reporting it right
>> this time around. I had to gank a few servers of different versions and
>> giving the webhosting customers some little inconvience of downtime of 3 to
>> 10 minutes for the linux recompile and reboot. And they all finally reports
>> the number of processors correctly as it should be.
>> Thanks Ethan. I going to put it on more servers that got those and
>> see how they all go as well. As for the servers, they are all usually
>> ServerWorks, Intel Chipsets of various types with Intel E1000, E100, Realtek
>> network ports and with 3Ware or SCSI Adaptec adapters. Got about 80 of them
>> in various types to go though, but 5 of them I that tested it on, it all
>> reports correctly.
>> Let see if the Dell servers also report the same as well when I get though with them tonight.

Ethan Weinstein> Glad to help, but don't credit me with that
Ethan Weinstein> patch, it was courtesy of
Ethan Weinstein> William Irwin.

Ethan Weinstein> -E

Best regards,
Russell "Elik" Rademacher
Freelance Remote System Adminstrator/Tech Support

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