[PATCH] fix for fbcon margin colour in 2.6.0-test*

From: Jakub Bogusz
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 20:31:52 EST


I posted this patch to fbdev-devel some time ago, but haven't got any
opinions there.
It sets fbcon margin colour to sane, black value, instead of changing
from time to time depending on background of last erase character
(more details inside).
It was tested by me on tdfxfb and one other person on matroxfb.

Jakub Bogusz http://cyber.cs.net.pl/~qboosh/
PLD Linux http://www.pld-linux.org/
This fixes "margin colour" (colour used to clear margins - e.g. a half of line
at the bottom of 100x37 console on 800x600 framebuffer).

I don't know what was the intention behind using attr_bgcol_ec() here, but it
caused using of background colour of last erase character to clear margins -
which definitely isn't what we want...
This patch changes margin colour to black (or colour 0 in palette modes).

-- Jakub Bogusz <qboosh@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

--- linux-2.6.0-test2/drivers/video/console/fbcon.c.orig 2003-07-14 05:36:32.000000000 +0200
+++ linux-2.6.0-test2/drivers/video/console/fbcon.c 2003-07-31 00:53:26.000000000 +0200
@@ -502,7 +502,7 @@
unsigned int bs = info->var.yres - bh;
struct fb_fillrect region;

- region.color = attr_bgcol_ec(bgshift, vc);
+ region.color = 0;
region.rop = ROP_COPY;

if (rw && !bottom_only) {