Re: cdrecord hangs my computer

From: Wakko Warner
Date: Sat Dec 06 2003 - 19:12:39 EST

> > At the moment, I don't have a burner on a 2.6.0 machine, however, why is
> > ide-scsi depreciated?
> Several reasons.
> One is just plain confusion - anybody who uses cdrecord has either been
> confused by the silly SCSI numbering (while "dev=/dev/hdc" is not
> confusing at all, and uses the same device you use for mounting the thing
> etc).

Actually, itwould be nice if I could use dev=/dev/scd0. I do have a scsi
burner (and an ide one too)

> Another is that several things did _not_ work well with ide-scsi. Some
> people ended up having to boot with ide-scsi enabled to burn CD's, but
> then if they wanted to watch DVD's (on the same drive), they needed to
> boot without it.

The joys of modules =)

> > On every PC I have that has an ide cd drive, I use
> > ide-scsi. I like the fact that scd0 is the cdrom drive.
> And you liked the fact that you were supposed to write "dev=0,0,0" or
> something strange like that? What a piece of crap it was.

I have it named using cdrecord's defaults. People who have real scsi
burners still have to use that format.

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