Re: Fwd: Re: CMPCI patch for 2.4.23 (fix multi channel audio, spdiff, game port)

From: Ville Hallivuori
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 15:38:58 EST

> Indeed, it did, at least what little spdif functionality there was with
> the original 2.4.23 driver. I have an onboard CM8738 on ASUS A7S333 and
> use the optical spdif output exclusively.

> spdif out? spdif AC3 passthrough?
> vanilla 2.4.22 yes yes
> vanilla 2.4.23 yes, if enabled with cmictl no
> this patch no no
> The fix isn't quite right, so further work would be much appreciated. I
> sent this mail to you two directly as I'm not sure if I can just post a
> followup to lkml when reading it through usenet.

I don't have spdiff hardware (nor do I have register chart...), so I
can not be certain, but try changing:
#define SPDF_0 0x01
#define SPDF_1 0x02
#define SPDF_0 0x02
#define SPDF_1 0x01

And change from function set_spdif_monitor line:
maskw(s->iobase + CODEC_CMI_FUNCTRL1, ~SPDO2DAC, channel == 2 ? SPDO2DAC : 0);
maskw(s->iobase + CODEC_CMI_FUNCTRL1, ~SPDO2DAC, channel == 1 ? SPDO2DAC : 0);

If this does not help. try looking for similar value pairs -- it seems
that channel number assumptions are present in quite many places...

[Ville Hallivuori][vph@xxxxxx][]
[ID 8E1AD461][FP16=C9 50 E2 DF 48 F6 33 62 5D 87 47 9D 3F 2B 07 5D]
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