Re: Synaptics PS/2 driver and 2.6.0-test11

From: Santiago Garcia Mantinan
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 17:13:12 EST

Sorry, I didn't notice this thread till now...

> But why it does not hurt with kernel 2.4.22? Moreover how ACPI BIOS influences
> synaptics driver? I do not see any BIOS call there...

I have this problem reported as bug 1093 at, my laptop is an
ACER with intel chipset.

The problem will happen even if you only check the batery status once a day,
at that time, you can get the lost sync thing in 2.6, but not in 2.2, so the
problem is not with the gnome applet, in fact I'm seing it under icewm and I
have been able to reproduce it without any battery applet or anything like
that, only running the "acpi -V" command each minute in a cron, that
suffices for getting the errors.

I believe that this should be solved, in 2.6, as it certainly doesn't happen
on 2.4, if you want more info look at bug #1093 at or if you
need more details just ask for them.

Hope this helps.

Manty/BestiaTester ->
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