Re: 260t11-bk4 problem -- hung processes

From: David B. Stevens
Date: Sun Dec 07 2003 - 17:38:33 EST

The bk4-bk5 incremental patch fixes it.

sean darcy wrote:

Pete Clements wrote:

With 2.6.0-t11-bk4, mozilla hangs before it can come up.
At this point other processes that touch the associated
/proc entries hang also (such as a ps). Can not kill the
process. Shutdown also hangs.

Everything fine with bk3.

Same here.

I can run top. But as soon as I try to start mozilla, top freezes. Other odd processes hang: the shutdown script for cups hangs; uic from qt hangs; startkde hangs ( good thing gnome works! ).

bk3 also works for me. From the bk4 changelog, not clear whats the problem


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